Throwing Light on Bier Haus Online Casino Slot

Throwing Light on Bier Haus Online Casino Slot

March 28, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Oktoberfest is without doubt Germany’s biggest celebration. Held annually in Munich, it’s a feast of beer and music, music and beer. This exciting event is the theme of Bier Haus slot, powered by WMS.

A video online slot, it features five reels, 40 paylines, Wild and Feature reel symbols, and bonus games in the form of free spins with sticky Wilds.

Buxom beauties abound, and so do ample beer steins, along with other images of the vibrant celebration. Together with a soundtrack that captures the spirit of the party, the graphics and animations make for an online slot entertainment experience.

Bier Haus Slot Reel Symbols

Two blonde beauties are found on the Bier Haus slot reels, as are a collection of beer glasses, a barrel of beer, a beer stein, a castle, an accordion, acorns and oak leaves, and a man drinking beer.

These themed symbols are the higher value and special symbols, while the lower value symbols are a purple club, a blue spade, a pink diamond, and a red heart.

The two women are each set against a coloured background. One is against green, and the other is holding a glass of beer and is set against a purple background. The Feature symbol unlocks the free spins round. The collection of beer glasses is the game’s Wild symbol. The game also offers free playing mode to practice before playing for real money at online gambling sites.

Autoplay Feature

There are two ways players can play Bier Haus slot. The first is the regular way of setting the coin value, choosing a number of coins to bet per line, and then selecting the Spin button.

The other way is to use the game’s Autoplay feature, and then to sit back, put your feet up, and watch the reels roll like punters who wait for the results after placing online NRL bets at the sites reviewed at

The Autoplay feature gives players access to a range of controls that can be used to determine how the game should play itself.

Beer Glasses Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol has its origins in card games, where a Wild card can be used to substitute for other cards when building a winning hand. In the same way, the beer glasses Wild symbol in Bier Haus slot can substitute for other reel symbols.

This means it is able to help form winning combinations with other symbols on the reels. The only symbol the Wild won’t substitute for is the Feature symbol.

Feature Symbol for Free Spins

The Bier Haus slot free spins game will only be triggered if players manage to land at least five of the Feature symbols on the reels, beginning with the reel furthest to the left. This is not as impossible as it sounds, as the reels abound with the not too modestly dressed maidens.

If only five women trigger the round, players receive five free spins. However, if the round is triggered by more than five symbols, players will receive an additional five free spins for every extra Feature symbol on the reels.

So, if six Feature symbols trigger the Bier Haus free spins round, players receive 10 spins, and if seven Feature symbols trigger the round, players receive 15 free spins.

Also, for every Feature symbol that appears on the reels, players will receive a sticky Wild in her place. Those Wild symbols will stay on the reels for the whole of the free spins round.