Take a Look at Vegas Blackjack from Amaya Gaming

Take a Look at Vegas Blackjack from Amaya Gaming

November 16, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Software giant Amaya Gaming offers gaming fans a number of different versions of Blackjack online, but Vegas Blackjack is the variant closest to a real, solid Blackjack table in a land-based casino. The game’s design echoes this, as it is laid out with the baize, walnut chip racks and clearly marked betting boxes and payout values one would fins at a Blackjack table.

The Vegas Blackjack table has five betting boxes, but since it is a single-player-versus-dealer game, the player can choose how many of these to play. If they wish to, they can bet on five hands every time. The minimum bet per box is $5 an the maximum $100, and players can also take an insurance bet if the dealer is showing an Ace and may therefore have Blackjack. The game is played with a shoe of four standard decks.

A Good Way to Learn Blackjack

The online versions of Vegas Blackjack available include demo modes like many other games at https://onlinecasinophilippines.ph/bonuses, so players can practise the game and learn online blackjack strategy before they risk real money. This title also has an Auto Strategy option, which calculates odds and makes the best possible calls during play, and an Auto Bet option, which will adjust the player’s stakes according to their remaining credit balance.

Novice players can use both these Auto buttons to effectively make the machine play itself, and then observe whether the computer hits, stands, splits or doubles according to the cards that are visible. It is a useful training tool.

Vegas Blackjack Basics Explained

For those who have not yet encountered this vintage card game, one of the most popular casino games in the world, the basics of Vegas Blackjack are simple: the player must try to get a card total that beats the dealer’s total, and is as close to 21 as possible. However, if their card count exceeds 21, the player busts and the dealer wins automatically, whatever is in their hand.

Aces in Vegas Blackjack can be soft, counted as 1, or hard, counted as 11. So a 17 made with an Ace and a 6, for example, is a ‘soft 17’ – if the player hits, they cannot bust. Although they could draw, say, a 7, which then makes a hard 14: a weaker hand and one more likely to bust if the player hits again.

Vegas Blackjack Game Play

Once the online blackjack player has set a stake and bet on the desired number of boxes, they are dealt two cards on every box, and the dealer gets two as well. The player can only see one of the dealer’s cards, and on the strength of that must assess their own hands and decide whether to stand with what they have, hit to receive another card, split matching pairs, or double down on totals between 8 and 11, in which case they can only receive one more card on that hand.

The latter two options allow an increase on the bet, and since all ordinary wins pay even money, they can be useful when the player has strong hands. If the player gets Blackjack, namely 21 made with just two cards, and the dealer doesn’t, the player is paid 3 to 2.