Select Online Casino in Canada with Our Guide

Select Online Casino in Canada with Our Guide

October 24, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

In a quest to keep players entertained, developers are constantly creating new online casino slot games.  Online casinos also constantly update their sites in order to include all that is new and happening in the online betting world.

When looking for a reputable new online casino, players would do well to ask a number of questions before signing up.

The Preferred Type of Bonus

New member bonuses vary greatly.  Some casinos offer a flat-out bonus with the only requirement being a minimum number of games to be played before cashing out.  Others get players started by making use of a match-deposit bonus.  The casino commits to matching the player’s initial deposit amount.  This is usually limited to 500 or 1 000 Canadian Dollars.

Choice of Payment Methods

Whether a preferred payment method is utilised by an online casino is another deciding factor when it comes to choosing a new online casino.  Casinos supporting Canadian payment methods are a great choice, as this ensures that a player is able to use Canadian Dollars (no exchange-rate fees) as well as enjoy effortless local payment and withdrawal methods.

Great Choice of Slot Games and Sports Bets

Ensuring that a casino offers your favourite online slot games and sports bets is important when choosing a new online casino site.  Casinos are also expected to stay up to date with slots and sporting events.

It would be useless for a football fan to sign up to a new online casino site only offering bets on tennis and rugby.

Many online casino sites specialise in one or a number of specific games: Bingo, Poker, Table Games, etc.  Especially when just starting out, find a casino that offers all of the above.  Once you have a better feel for a specific preference for a particular game, you can start looking out for a casino specialising in that game.  Reading new online casino site reviews will be very helpful in this regard.

Safe and Secure

Always read up on a new online casino site’s payment policies, before signing up and making deposits.  Ensure that you are signing up to an independently audited site – ask around beforehand if necessary.

Device Compatibility

Most new online casinos offer software support for all major computer operating systems as well as mobile devices such as iPhones, Android driven phones and tablets like at

Opting to Play for Real Money or for Free

Most online casinos include games that can be played for free, or in practise mode, as it is sometimes referred to.  Free play is useful when learning how to play, but also when simply wanting to play for fun or when trying out a new slot or card game.  Ensure that the casino of your choice offers the free play option.  Choosing a new online casino should not be a tedious affair.  Too much red tape usually means that the search for a suitable site must continue.