Reviewing Titanic Online Casino Slot

Reviewing Titanic Online Casino Slot

October 24, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

In 1997 a movie about the legendary ship the RMS Titanic blew its way onto the silver screen. The movie featured Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet and was such a hit that it was rereleased in the 2010’s as a 3D movie. Titanic slot pays homage to the movie, with characters, graphics and music straight from the famous film. Five reels offer twenty five fixed paylines which can be played for a very small sum, or a very large one. Line bets range from 0.01 up to 2.50 which equals a maximum bet of 100 currency units. The game is very feature heavy starting before you even begin to spin to the reels. Both experienced players and novice will enjoy this game.

Titanic the Movie in Slot Form

Titanic slot is totally based on the movie of the same name. All of the symbols and graphics are taken from the movie. The reels sit against a burnished wood panelling background which looks like a first class cabin. The reels and all of the information below them are edged with gold detail, adding to the classy look of the slot. The symbols are done in realistic 3D and animate when forming a part of a winning combination. Titanic slot is a classy, sophisticated looking slot that fans of the movie will find appropriate.

Jack and Rose

The movie Titanic is based on the RMS Titanic, which sailed on her maiden voyage from America to England on the 15th of April 1912. Half way there the Titanic hit an iceberg, and sunk. Many lives were lost as the ship’s crew and owners were not properly prepared for the ship sinking. The Titanic was known to be unsinkable as stated by her builders and owners. The movie follows the story of two passengers, Jack and Rose. Jack was a third class passenger and Rose a first class passenger. Despite their differences they fall in love, which sadly ends in tragedy.

On the reels of Titanic slot we can find not only Jack and Rose, but other items pertaining to the famous ship and her first and last voyage. These include a pair of gloves, a car, a stack of luggage, a pocket watch and a pile of cargo. The Titanic slot logo is the wild and can replace any base game symbols.

Choose your Class

When the game first opens, you have to choose which class you would like to be. Tickets for first, second and third class each come with a different price tag and different features. Basically they give you access to the jackpots. First class allows you all the jackpots, second class some of them and third class no jackpots.

Mystery Wild Reels

These come up randomly in the base game. When this happens two entire reels will become wild, as will any scatters that appear on the other reels.

Mystery Double Wilds

This also happens randomly in the base game. Sometimes between two and five double wilds will appear on reels two three four and five. These will replace all other symbols except other wilds. It will replace a scatter as well.

Wheel Feature

Three ship, wild ship or double wild ship scatters anywhere on the reels will trigger this bonus game in Titanic slot. This is basically a wheel of fortune game that can award cash prizes or one of a number of little bonus games.