Let’s Check out Online Alternatives to Lucky Count Slot

Let’s Check out Online Alternatives to Lucky Count Slot

November 2, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Online slots fans who enjoy Gothic themes that don’t take themselves too seriously will like Aristocrat title Lucky Count, with its vampire hero who looks more Music Hall than Hammer Horror. It features 25 pay lines and two Wilds, the vampire and his bat alter ego, and the vampire Wild has an added incentive, because it adds multipliers to wins according to the number of bats or vampires visible across all the reels.

Unfortunately for many slots fans, online access to Aristocrat titles is prohibited in certain jurisdictions, most notably Australia. This is to allow land-based casinos that feature Aristocrat games to remain competitive, but it does mean that some fans of Lucky Count will have to look for Lucky Count slot alternatives if they want to play online.

Lucky Count Slot Alternatives with Vampire Themes

The most obvious way in which games can be considered Lucky Count slot alternatives is by mirroring the title’s vampire theme. There are at least two other slots, both available online, that fit into this category. Eternal Love is a slot from Real Time Gaming that plays on the hip, sexy reputation that vampires have acquired thanks to films like Twilight and TV shows like True Blood. Despite the romance angle, it has a darker tone than the cartoonish fun of Lucky Count.

Blood Suckers from NetEnt is another candidate for Lucky Count slot alternatives, with graphics that are also rendered in a bold cartoon style. However, it is much darker and bloodier than the campy antics of Lucky Count. It does feature an extra bonus game over and above free spins, so it offers some satisfying wins.

Generally Spooky Slot Themes

Players looking for a spooky Halloween-worthy theme in general, without worrying too much about vampires, also have a number of Lucky Count slot alternatives to choose from. Voodoo Vibes is another NetEnt title that qualifies, but again, it takes its dark theme a lot more seriously than Lucky Count. It features the same number of pay lines, and also has an extra bonus round apart from free spins, which involves pushing pins into voodoo dolls.

The Microgaming title Phantom Cash at https://onlinecasinobc.net/microgaming is another contender among the Lucky Count slot alternatives. It is themed around a Victorian ghost story, with a panoply of ghastly spectres among the reel symbols. A creepy soundtrack reinforces the theme, and it also features 25 pay lines. By capturing various ghosts, players can increase the multiplier applied to wins in the free spins round.

Matching the Lucky Count Humour

The last title on our list of Lucky Count slot alternatives is Bitten, developed by IGT. It follows a more traditional vampire theme, focusing on a beautiful maiden who is the vampire’s victim. In fact, the vampire doesn’t appear at all, just the victim, some poker symbols and various artefacts from the vampire’s castle.

However, it is the style of its artwork that gets Bitten included in the category of Lucky Count slot alternatives. Like Lucky Count, Bitten is drawn in a more tongue-in-cheek style, although it is more comic book than cartoon, and very reminiscent of the cheesy style of Hollywood B-movies. It also features a number of bonus rounds that can pump up its winning potential.