Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino For In-House Studio

Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino For In-House Studio

January 27, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Evolution are regarded as the leaders in the field of live dealer casino action. This is no mean feat, facing live dealers at a casino table has become one of the most popular events available with online casino play. Live dealers represent the final turn of the casino wheel in making online play as similar to real brick and mortar casino play as possible. Live dealer casino play is also quite evidently the future of the casino industry, given the direction of technological development such as virtual reality gaming.

The Evolution Gaming Position

Evolution Gaming have recently proven their commitment to staying at the forefront of this casino industry explosion. Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio is a newspaper headline that is suffused with meaning in terms of the production of live dealer casino action, but basically means that the company are going to be constructing an entirely new studio complex in Italy. From this studio Evolution will be able to stream their live dealer games to the rest of the world. This new studio complex will be in Italy’s Casino Campione d’Italia.

The Italian Casino’s Position

Casino Campione d’Italia is a brick and mortar casino in Italy that attracts players from all over Europe to a wide selection of casino games. With Evolution Gaming’s involvement, construction of the bespoke casino will include live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat tables established in a live studio environment and which will be streamed to Evolutions’ customers around the world.

Evolution Gamings’ management explained the fact that Evolution hooks up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio by clarifying the restrictions that had limited their Spanish services, and that these restrictions are not applicable within the jurisdiction of Italy. And that the acquisition of a live studio facility is seen by the casino operator as an essential component of a modern casino in a multi-channel online casino world.

The Players’ Position

What this will mean for the thousands of online betting players eager to enjoy their favourite table games with a real, live dealer is that they will be able to access these tables at Casino Champion using all the current online and mobile devices on the market.

Casino Campione have recognised that the live studio will give this land-based casino a competitive edge, an increased income stream and the opportunity to increase their reputation as the casino and entertainment complex of choice in Italy. Besides, being part of the coalface of casino development in the online world, the arrangement has the potential to enhance the combined growth of the online and offline casino services.

The Future of Casino Play

Evolution’s live dealer platform is available at numerous established online casinos in Europe, and is considered the leader in video-streamed live dealer casino play. With the news that Evolution hooks up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio development, they have determined that the future of casino play is going to be ever more realistic live casino play being delivered online. Philosophically this will be a major trend, since it is becoming clear that the ultimate goal of online casino play is to eventually replicate the original live brick and mortar casinos exactly, except that access would be from the comfort of home.