Evolution Gaming’s Live Online Casino Option at a Glance

Evolution Gaming’s Live Online Casino Option at a Glance

November 2, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Evolution Gaming is a company, focused on providing live casino games to a number of premier online casinos. What is live online casino gaming? Live online casinos are a system whereby a live feed is streamed directly from a professional casino dealer, in real time, directly to online players across the world. In this fashion bet makers at home may place bets on games such as roulette, baccarat and more, while having the immersive advantage of interacting with a person, as apposed to a program.

Live casino systems have become increasingly popular since their inception in two thousand and six, and spread to many parts of the world where internet technology is capable. Evolution Gaming has been at the forefront of the spread of live casino gaming, providing live streams to prestigious online casinos such as William Hill, Unibet and Paddy Power. Plus, having won multiple awards for creating revolutionary games and systems, Evolution Gaming is likewise recognised as being a pioneer of the entire online gaming industry.

Live Casino Challenges

The biggest drawback of live casinos is, of course, that extremely fast internet speeds are required for the system to work reliably, meaning that some countries still struggle to make use of the offered services. In many parts of the world, including Australia, internet speeds are sometimes not sufficient to stream high quality videos in real time. Thus, live casinos are still not the accepted norm. Evolution Gaming has worked hard to provide live video streams that are accessible even where internet speeds are not the fastest, but has still struggled to penetrate certain global markets. Another drawback of live casino technology is that the facilities required to operate the setup are expensive.

The broadcasting studios require maintenance, specialised equipment, and need trained dealers to work, sometimes in twenty four hour shifts. Evolution Gaming operates many of these broadcasting studios at various key locations around the world, with the streams being sent to participating online casinos.

Multiplayer Live Casino Games

Evolution Gaming also hosts a number of multiplayer live casino games. These systems involve online players sharing live streams amongst each other, using personal web cameras. The result is that games such as poker may be played while viewing a live feed of the other players. The result is a far more immersive online multiplayer experience. These systems do not require the company to provide technology such as cameras, as player’s use their own, but what is required is a server system that can handle the immense amounts of data being transferred in a given second. These server systems are what Evolution Gaming provides, and the advanced system stand as the backbone to such digital lobbies. Multiplayer lobbies are not yet as popular as the live casino systems, but are rapidly gaining popularity as internet technology advances across the world. If you are interested in any of the live casino services Evolution provides, simply search in search engines.