Casinos You Need on Your Bucket List

Casinos You Need on Your Bucket List

January 27, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Many people plan world trips around beautiful places that they would want to see, ticking them off of their bucket list as they have done so. These generally include places like The Grand Canyon, Vatican City, The Pyramids of Giza and many others. If architecture and an experience that you will never forget, is part of the reason why these places are being chosen, then surely there are some casinos that should be added to these bucket lists.

So, get out your world map and pen and circle some of these great destinations.

Casino de Monte Carlo

In the heart of Monaco lies the exquisite Monte Carlo Casino. The good news is that as a tourist, you will be able to explore this amazing building to the fullest. Citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter the casino rooms as a payoff for the fact that they do not have to pay any tax. All the tax that would have been paid by citizens is covered by the money the casino makes.

From the moment that you walk into the Monte Carlo Casino, you are teleported into a world where you walk the corridors of an over-the-top renaissance palace. Such is the beauty of this casino. Of course, it does help that it is probably the only casino in the world where visitors still have to dress up as if they were going to the Oscars, to be able to go in.

Marina Bay Sands

In Downtown Core, Singapore on Bayfront Avenue, you will find the very modern and very impressive looking Marina Bay Sands Casino. Three large towers that climb into the heavens are connected at the top by a terrace or balcony in the shape of a large yacht, which boasts with the worlds most impressive infinity pool and park.

This luxury resort certainly has it all. From a casino that is completely out of this world, to the world’s largest Louis Vuitton boutique. The Marina Bay’s sky park stretches for 340meters from front to back and the resort itself is home to seven impressive celebrity chef restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsey. It also has a huge ice rink made entirely of artificial ice.

The Bellagio

If you are seeking a luxury that is more vintage, right in the heart of Las Vegas, then you simply have to visit the Bellagio. From the moment you are outside of the building you can be mesmerized by its grand water fountains that leg into each other, forming a row of unending water theatre. It is by no means the most modern casino, but it is one of the most luxurious ones on the Vegas Strip.

The inside is so beautiful that it was immortalised for us in the film Oceans 11. The casino itself is said to have the best poker rooms on the planet and this is matched by the hotel rooms that await you after a long night of poker and entertainment. Everything about the Bellagio simply screams luxury and comfort.

Three of the world’s best casinos, in three different parts of the world. This trip is certainly one worth planning.