Blood Suckers Touch Slot Basics and Guide for Mobile Casino Players

Blood Suckers Touch Slot Basics and Guide for Mobile Casino Players

March 28, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Slot gaming has taken to the mobile platform like mud on a pig and as far as online casino gaming goes it is the perfect aspect of this for this particular platform. Given the smaller game screen involved with most smartphones versus the desktop gaming, slots still reflect well on these screens, also capable of forsaking a lot of the side features and options to free up more space and make the entire operation look less cluttered. At least this is the case with this Blood Suckers Touch slot game for the mobile platform. Whilst this NetEnt slot game has been around for a while it has more recently started gracing the screens of the mobile variety and giving players action right to the palm of their hands.

With Blood Suckers Touch the theme is of course that of vampires and all associated thereof. Possibly regarded as a bit of a horror slot theme the visuals and imagery are certainly not of the lightest of natures but are still interesting over intimidating. The graphics, with the help of the capable processing power of most smartphones available today, is also quite appealing in this slot from NetEnt and so though the ultimate size of the screen has reduced the quality improve still. In lieu of gameplay, this casino game composes 5 reels and a set of 25 pay lines, which of course make up the playing board where the players then aim to create their winning combinations using some of the themed symbols found on said reels of this Blood Suckers Touch slot.

Exploring More Theme and Mobile Slot Opportunities

Whilst in many ways the smartphone platform is a step up for the online slot game from its role as desktop background before it, there are a few changes that had to occur in order to meet with the benefits. This includes the setup of the game as well as the variety of bonus features available to the players since some don’t really reflect well onto the smaller screen and others don’t particularly need to. The reels and theme of this Blood Suckers Touch slot though from NetEnt is still an inviting prospect and one that will only improve when players see the symbols involved.

The symbols on the reels of this Blood Suckers Touch slot game include many of the fairly stereotypical aspects and imagery of this genre of theme and so players’ familiar with this theme will likely notice some of the aspects at play. This includes images of garlic, a bible and cross, holy water and then of course a range of dastardly looking villains. These symbols are joined by a good couple of bonus symbols.

Blood Suckers Bonus Features for the Smartphone

On the reels of this Blood Suckers Touch for mobile, there are also a few bonuses squeezed in. This includes the likes of Scatters, Wilds and even a bonus game. The Scatter brings about free spins and multipliers whilst the bonus game which is a coffin pick’em bonus game from within the leading vampires lair.