An Exclusive Look at the List of Casino Card Games

An Exclusive Look at the List of Casino Card Games

January 19, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

The list of casino card games is quite extensive and most of those that are the most popular or more frequently played are available at many online casinos. The well-known casino card games such as blackjack and poker come in their classic format and have many variations too. Apart from the well-known games there are a variety of others that are also played with playing cards and bets can be made. These include Red Dog; Let it Ride; Pai Gow; Pontoon; baccarat; Vegas three card rummy and more.

The History of Casino Card Games

Many of the featured games on the top list of casino card games have been adapted or modified from card games that were played hundreds of years ago. Some of the casino card games have a clear and precise origin but others have a variety of theories about how they came about.

Playing cards themselves have a long history dating back to the 9th Century on Tang China. From there they made their way to India and Persia, then onto Egypt where they then found their way to Europe. Over the centuries the cards were modified until the 14th Century when the suits as we know them today were implemented. From there a certain list of casino card games, like poker, were invented as they relied heavily on the suits. Many casino card games have fallen away to make way for their newer versions but old and faithful games like blackjack and poker will forever remain popular.

How to Play Casino Card Games

Generally the complete list of casino card games are diverse and have their own set of rules. The only real aspects they have in common is that they are played with playing cards and that real money can be bet on the games with a real money win for the winners.

When it comes to variants of specific games like poker, each game generally falls under the same basis of rules but slight variations make them either simpler, more complicated or more action packed. Baccarat, for example, has the classic version which is generally played by high rollers as the game features high limit bets but the game was modified to mini baccarat which is played with lower limits making it more accessible for all levels of budget.

The Evolution of Casino Card Games

Even though the list of casino card games all use playing cards, not all of them use the same number decks or cards in a game. Some of the games allow any number of decks like online blackjack which can be played with up to eight decks in one game. Some casino card games are played against the house while others are played against other players.

Some casino card games are modified from other types of games like Pai Gow poker which was modified from Chinese dominos.  Before the advent of the internet, advances in technology allowed virtual card games to be created like video poker. Even though no cards are physically held it is played with playing cards. Since the internet a variety of new card games or less popular land based card games are more accessible and have become more popular.