A Guide to The Many Varieties Of Slots

A Guide to The Many Varieties Of Slots

January 27, 2021 Off By Debbie Tyrus

Slots reigns supreme as the world’s most popular casino game, a fact in which its millions of fans across the globe can readily attest to. Starting out a century ago as nothing more than a simple pastime, slots have come to be the casino industry’s true bread and butter, and with the invention and rise of the internet and online variants of the game, it has exploded in popularity to become what it is today.

Those that haven’t played the game before might be surprised to learn that there are many different variants on offer. Ranging from simple fruit machines to complex games that can take hours to finish, there are few other types of gaming that provide the same level of choice as slots. Here we will break down some of the most well-known variants.

Classic Slot Machines

Also commonly known as fruit machines, classic slots are a throwback to an era when slot machines were still gaining popularity on casino floors. As simple as they come but with a truly unique charm, these games are usually comprised of no more than three reels that combine different, classic symbols, such as fruit and numbers. To win, a player needs to line up three matching symbols across the reels.

5-Reel Slots

One of the most common types of slots out there, these have become the industry standard, and can be found in almost all online and land-based casinos. The premise here is very much the same as the classic fruit machine, except they often tend to be have unique themes, various mini-games, and an extra two reels. Themes can include well known franchises from popular culture, or may sometimes be based on historic events.

Multi-Line Slots

Similar in some ways to the 5-reel games, these instead take it one step further by adding the possibility of landing symbols in a number of various ways. While normal paylines can be straight, they can also often be landed in a vertical line, in zigzags, and even diagonally.

RPG Slots

While the mechanics remain the same as the 5-reel or multi-line, this new type of slot promises to tell a rich and interesting story to players that are looking for more depth in their game. It’s aimed toward the younger generation that grew up with RPG video games, and it’s growing in popularity with every passing year.

Progressive Slots

Progressive https://onlinemobileslots.net/slots/ can be made up of just about any slot variant, with the difference here being that they are all linked to a single network. Whenever a player puts money in and starts a round, a small portion of it is added to an overall jackpot pool, which grows larger and larger, and can sometimes sit in the millions. It’s then possible for a single player to win the entire jackpot at a single time, although it can only be accomplished under very specific conditions. The odds for progressive slots tend to be longer, but the chance of becoming an instant millionaire is enough to draw in players in droves.